5126 Peach Mountain Cir

5126 Peach Mountain Cir,Gainesville,GA 30507 US
When to See It
6:00pm - 10:00pm
November 22 - January 4

What to See
12000 lights
3 inflatables
0 controllers
0 songs

Decorating since 2001
Added on Nov 26, 2012

Nestled in a culde sac at the bottom of a hill, the display erupts from the darkness as you crest the hill. An outlined roadside is divided into sections by Large lit arches as you approach the site. Starting with a Merry Christmas globe inflatable, after an arch a group of snowball throwing penquins gives you Merry wishes, followed by a display of candy canes growing from the ground ranging from 1 foot all the way up to 12 foot tall , all custom made and lite up in wondeful red colors. next is an 8 foot infltable santa checking his list. next stop after another arch is a life size sleigh, great for taking that family Christmas photo in! In the backround you will see a 2 story workshop where Santa Clause stealing a kiss from Mrs Clause under the mistletoe, while one of santas elves is downstairs working on a bike. next is another arch and the land of wonderful bright Trees and snowmen. Don't miss the 20 foot tree behind the workshop! The driveway down to the house is all lite up with lights as well as a dripping icycle arch. There is lights all over tyhe eves of the house and the very top too. Don't miss the 7 foot tree all trimmed out with white lights on the front porch. and finally 2 evergreen trees scream holiday cheer with vibrant color changing balls and lights swirling to the top next to Frosty and his wife as you end your culde sac tour .


5126 Peach Mountain Cir,Gainesville,GA 30507 US


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Dec 10, 2016: Only the snow globe and penguin slide were lit. Other parts were unlit and not inflated. I hope there isn't trouble for the owner.

5126 Peach Mountain Cir
  • Dates
    November 22-
    January 4
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  • Inflatables
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