TackyLightTour.com Timeline

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November 25, 2005 - TackyLightTour.com Began
December 23, 2005 - 1,000th Tacky Tourist Registered
January 1, 2006 - First Annual Tacky Award given to The Phifer Family
November 22, 2006 - TackyLightTour.com 2.0 launched with online registration for American displays
December 9, 2006 - TackyLightTour.com and Founder, Matt Burgess, featured on TLC's Crazy Christmas Lights television show
December 18, 2006 - Lindsey Pines Lights was the 100th Christmas display posted
December 31, 2006 - New monthly visitor record of 44,000 visits
January 4, 2007 - Missy D'Anconti won the 2006 Free Tacky Light Tour
July 4, 2007 - TackyLightTour.com 3.0 Beta Released
July 25, 2007 - Tacky Light Tour, LLC Established
August 10, 2007 - Ryan's Christmas Lights was the first Christmas display posted from Australia
November 3, 2007 - Reavers Holiday Lights posted the 10 millionth Christmas light on the Tacky Light Tour.
November 24, 2007 - TackyLightTour.com 3.0 Launched
November 26, 2007 - Second Annual Tacky Award given to Hunter Bottoms of Midlothian, Virginia
December 25, 2007 - Renee Bennett won the 2007 Free Tacky Light Tour
December 31, 2007 - New monthly visitor record of 69,000 visits
October 23, 2008 - Semmes Auto was the first Christmas display posted from Denmark
So much happening with the Tacky Light Tour, we can't keep track of it all!

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Tacky Light Tour is the Original Christmas Lights Mapping Website

Established in 2005 and serving millions for 19 consecutive years, Tacky Light Tour has been seen on TV including the original Fox News, NPR, Bloomberg, USA Today, Real Simple and the Crazy Christmas Lights reality TV show on TLC (The Learning Channel).