Lit Up In Clermont

2024 Knollcrest Dr.,Clemont,FL 34711 US

When to See It
6:00pm - 10:00pm
December 3 - January 7

What to See
35000 lights
0 inflatables
11 controllers
20 songs

Turn your radio to 91.7FM
Decorating since 2013
Added on Dec 07, 2015

On Facebook as @LitupinClermont

News about Lit Up In Clermont

Two year since my last update has seen the addiotion of 22 snowflakes 2 candy canes 12 snow trees and snow!!!!

Description of Lit Up In Clermont
Lights dance to 10 songs!
More info Lit Up In Clermont
Between December 3 and January 7 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm see 35000 Christmas lights on the Tacky Light Tour at Lit Up In Clermont in Clemont. Lit Up In Clermont has been part of the Tacky Light Tour since 2013.

Updated info about Christmas light shows at Lit Up In Clermont in Clemont. See pictures, videos, reviews, times, dates and driving directions for the Lit Up In Clermont musical Christmas light show on the Tacky Light Tour.


2024 Knollcrest Dr.,Clemont,FL 34711 US

Special Directions

If parking, please park on the same side of the street as our home to help keep my neighbors happy and please dim your lights! Thanks!


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Lit Up In Clermont

  • Dates
    December 3-
    January 7
  • Times
  • Lights
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