2851 Bridlewood Terrace

When to See It
5:00pm - 10:00pm
November 25 - December 25

What to See
5000 lights
32 inflatables
0 controllers
0 songs

Decorating since 2014
Added on Nov 29, 2023

On Facebook as @Ashley Bland

News about 2851 Bridlewood Terrace

We have no special events

Description of 2851 Bridlewood Terrace
We have all of our Christmas decorations up for everyone to see. We have everything just about that you can think of. We would love for you to come by and bring your little kids to see it. we have different little characters that kids are into these days along with our 20 foot reindeer.
More info 2851 Bridlewood Terrace
Between November 25 and December 25 from 5:00pm to 10:00pm see 5000 Christmas lights on the Tacky Light Tour at 2851 Bridlewood Terrace in Helena. 2851 Bridlewood Terrace has been part of the Tacky Light Tour since 2014.

Official information about 2851 Bridlewood Terrace in Helena. Get show times and driving directions for the 2851 Bridlewood Terrace Christmas light display. View pictures and Christmas light videos from Helena of 2851 Bridlewood Terrace.


2851 Bridlewood Terrace

Special Directions

If you come to by to see, we asked that you please stay on the road or sidewalk, as we have too many cords and strings in the yard where the decorations are.


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2851 Bridlewood Terrace

  • Dates
    November 25-
    December 25
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