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Added on Nov 23, 2018 of Rusty Griswold's Christmas Light Display Welcome to Rusty Griswold's Christmas Light Display! Like many others, I have also been inspired by the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. By building my Christmas light display each year, I try to recapture the excitement and magic of Christmas morning for kids. Now as an older kid, I'm sharing my excitement for the season through Christmas lights. So why Rusty and not Clark? It's simple. The title of "Clark Griswold" in Burlington, Ontario, Canada will be forever held by Doug Musson. His display spread the joy of Christmas for many years in Burlington, and Southern Ontario. Having visited his display in the past, it added to my inspiration. Like the Musson family, I too am a former Calgarian. Call it 'western hospitality' to respect the original, one and only, Clark Griswold of Burlington, Ontario. I'm proud to carry on the Griswold tradition in Burlington, as Rusty.

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