26158 Oakridge Court

26158 Oakridge Court, Channahon,IL 60410
When to See It
6:30pm - 10:00pm
November 26 - January 1

What to See
30000 lights
6 inflatables
14 controllers
6 songs

Turn your radio to 106.9
Decorating since 2005
Added on Dec 31, 2013


For 2020 we’re doing a 2020 themed funny Christmas display to Twilight Zone, Christmas at Ground zero, I am Santa Claus and other songs. We have animations we created being projected on one side of the house, they are synced with talking\singing faces on the front of the house and lights on the other side of the house. We’ve added a fog machine this year to make dmx lasers and moving head lights stand out. On weekends and the holidays, we run a snow machine over the garage

We have somewhere around 30;000 lights, but hard to estimate since we use mostly RGB strips (smart and dumb). There are also 3-4 projectors running a projection mapping show synchronized to the light show and window rear projections. There are also inflatables (some large) and a snow machine. The snow machine will run on weekends and on holidays when it's not snowing. Tall inflatables will not run on windy days. We also make some of our own bad animations to use in the projection mappings.


26158 Oakridge Court, Channahon,IL 60410

Special Directions

The projection mapping is on the court side of the house. Tune to 106.9
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Very original with the projectors. I have never seen anything like this.

26158 Oakridge Court
  • Dates
    November 26-
    January 1
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  • Inflatables
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