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See Iowa Christmas Lights

  • Last updated in 2019
    Lindell Christmas

    110 Thompson Ave Gilbert, Iowa 50105, USA
    10,000 lights with 21 years of experience lit from November 30-January 3 5:00pm-10:00pm.

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  • Updated for 2022
    Christmas on Coyla

    921 Coyla Street,Iowa Falls,IA 50126 US
    11,000 lights with 17 years of experience lit from November 25-December 31 5:00pm-10:00pm.

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  • Last updated in 2013
    230 Ashworth

    230 Ashworth,Waukee,IA 50263 US
    15,000 lights with 19 years of experience lit from November 29-January 1 5:00pm-11:00pm.

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Lindell Christmas
Christmas on Coyla
230 Ashworth

Why You Should See See Iowa Christmas Lights

The best Christmas lights near Iowa. See all 36,000 Iowa Christmas lights at mega holiday house displays.

More About See Iowa Christmas Lights

Checkout these houses on the Tacky Light Tour decorated with over 36,000 Christmas lights. These Christmas light houses made the cut to be part of the world famous Tacky Light Tour. See all of them in-person or virtually here online and try to count the 36,000 Christmas lights.

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Tacky Light Tour is the Original Christmas Lights Mapping Website

Established in 2005 and serving millions for 18 consecutive years, Tacky Light Tour has been seen on TV including the original Fox News, NPR, Bloomberg, USA Today, Real Simple and the Crazy Christmas Lights reality TV show on TLC (The Learning Channel).